Christopher Lord

Leeds-based copywriter & music journalist

United Kingdom

It's a bit like that feeling when you walk out of the cinema. Writing should inspire, inform and tap into our emotions. That applies whether you're selling meal deals and drum kits, or interviewing rock stars and Golden Globe winners. And I've done the lot.

I've written copy for national news outlets, international magazines, regional publications and a growing number of companies – both B2B & B2C. As a result, I've developed a truly versatile style that can be adapted for just about any purpose or audience. When I'm not writing for work, I'm writing for leisure, simply because it's what makes me tick.

When you work with me, you can be certain that I approach every brief with the same passion and enthusiasm that you have for your project or business. I've gathered some of my favourite pieces of writing here to demonstrate what I can do. Have a flick through my CV for a clearer picture of my skills and experience, too. Like what you've seen so far? Contact me at:

Reader's Digest
Interview: Geddy Lee

Rush's Geddy Lee reflects on his friendship with the late Neil Peart, going through loss and writing his new memoir My Effin' Life.

Reader's Digest
Interview: Yoshiki

The Japanese megastar, who's worked with everyone from Bono to George Michael, looks back on his life, the power of music and letting go of past hurts.

Classic Rock
Buyer's Guide: Myles Kennedy

With Alter Bridge, Slash's Conspirators, solo material and more, vocalist/guitarist Myles Kennedy has an impressive and still-growing catalogue. These are his best albums.


The Sun
Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe)

'The shit that Mötley pulled off on tour buses, airplanes, in hotel rooms... Honestly, we got away with fucking murder'.


10 Signature Snare Drums Worth the Investment

Allow us to indulge in a little metaphor. If the bass drum is a drum kit's engine, then you might say the snare drum is its battery. While the bass thuds away, preserving that all-important rhythmic spine, the snare crackles and ignites. Sparks flying with every strike.

Pearl Masterworks

Like a fine, tailored suit, Pearl's Masterworks series allows you to realise your ultimate drum kit vision. A completely personal statement that reflects your drumming identity - the drum kit should fit the drummer, not the other way around.

The Best Electronic Drum Kits Under £500

Electronic drum kits offer a true drumming experience with the added convenience of low volume and a headphone output. Here are our top 5 electronic kits for beginners.

Digital Drums 200 Junior Electronic Drum Kit by Gear4music

Most musical prodigies start early. Give your child the gift of drumming with the Digital Drums 200 Junior Electronic Drum Kit. The JDD200 is a high-quality instrument for young beginners to learn the drums from an early age.

Mapex Saturn Evolution Maple/Walnut 22" 5pc Shell Pack

Evolution is an understatement. This is the latest extraordinary addition to Mapex's sonic system. The Mapex Saturn Evolution Maple/Walnut 22" 5-piece Shell Pack epitomises transformation in the pursuit of perfection. First and foremost, the Saturn Evolution's new Halo mounting system takes intriguing metaphor and turns it into tangible reality.

WHD Elite 4 Piece Rock Custom Shell Pack

Dominate the mix. Lively sounds and aggressive response perfect for rock. The WHD Elite 4 Piece Rock Custom Shell Pack is an excellent choice for heavy hitters looking to upgrade their gear.

Exposed Magazine

Exposed Magazine
The Album That Changed My Life

'The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes then steal your dreams, it's heaven and hell!'